Next event | April 2025

Key Themes

Motorsport is going through a rapid transformation in order to secure its future, adapting to become more relevant in an evolving world. BlackBook Motorsport Forum 2o23 explored the industry’s shift into a progressive, responsible and sustainable sport, accelerating innovation off the track as well as on and expanding ever more globally. Discover more below…

Digital Transformation

The digital landscape is changing and motorsport has embraced the streaming revolution. Short-form content is now the most effective digital approach to engage younger motorsport fans. Social media is a key platform and the move towards streaming caters for new and younger fans.

Moreover, emerging and developing technologies such as AR and VR are transforming race broadcasts and opening up new opportunities to transform the fan experience at home and on race days. Tech-based sponsorships are also in the spotlight due to the influx and potential collapse of blockchain based sponsorships.

Sustainable Transformation

Motorsport has a major role to play in the climate crisis and must work towards a zero-carbon future. The future of mobility remains hotly debated, with moving away from fossil fuel-based racing to all-electric being a priority for some, whilst others advocate for the use of hydrogen or other renewable fuels in motorsport as a priority.

Logistics and the race calendar are other areas of focus to reduce emissions and managing the largest polluter – race weekends – remains a challenge. The future of women in motorsport also remains a key challenge to solve, as does the roadmap for a diverse and inclusive industry.

International Transformation

The global motorsport industry is traditionally centred around Europe. However this dynamic is transforming with the emergence of the new power bases in the Middle East and United States.

The Middle East has had consistent growth with four key motorsport markets whereas the United States has exploded recently. There are cultural nuisances to consider, however opportunities across commercial, broadcast, fan engagement and content are significant. There are also expanded opportunities to demonstrate, discuss, or highlight sustainability and wider social issues.