Next event | April 2025

Venues and Circuits

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The Forum will discuss ways for venues and circuits to generate revenue streams beyond ticketing and e-commerce. It will also focus on engaging fans during the off-season and creating a positive environmental impact.

Venues and circuits are facing three key challenges:

Increasing revenue streams and identifying new ones to generate year-round attendance and value.

Embracing digital technology to deliver immersive fan experiences and event delivery whilst maximising engagement.

Addressing sustainability at the venue, tackling race-day emissions, and improving infrastructure.

How will the Forum help you overcome these challenges?

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Meet with circuits, venues, teams, brands and more to share knowledge and unlock potential collaboration opportunities.

Expert guidance

Hear from industry disruptors who are leveraging the power of digital transformation to improve all aspects of their operations, including sustainability, infrastructure, and fan engagement.


Our expertly curated content sessions and networking roundtables will equip you with the tools to confidently leverage marketing and boost revenue on non-event weekends.

Topics include...

In-venue immersive experiences

Fan engagement

Ticket revenue


Digital innovations